Danny Floyd

fine art - creative research

Orange You Glad!

Dan Mrva, Claire Ashley, and Matt Mancini

Curated for Ballroom Projects by Danny Floyd June 13-July 4 2015

Humor is usually considered an art of representation. A classic, “What's the deal with...” Seinfeld joke for instance, hopes to clearly depict a situation you know already so that you can relate to it. But this isn't a hard and fast rule and certainly doesn't ensure the joke is funny (sorry, Jerry). Puns, on the other hand, are works of abstraction. Their meaning lies in shifting the form of language away from it's intended use. The artists in Orange You Glad! are also engaging in formal play, shifting between sculptural and painting forms, and like crafting comedy, they are relying on their wit and intellect to do so. While abstraction is the prominent feature of this exhibition, it is not a “show about nothing.” Rather, the work is about reveling in the joys of visual play, irreverence, and absurdity. 

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