Danny Floyd

fine art - creative research

General Objects

Betany Porter, Arièle Dionne-Krosnick & Didier Morelli, Elliott Mickleburgh, Jeff Prokash, Joseph Grigely, Jameson Doody, and Kyle Nilan

Curated by Danny Floyd for Ballroom Projects Oct. 18-Nov. 8, 2014

 General Objects concerns how the familiarity of image archetypes helps construct the narrative of daily life. The works in this exhibition channel recognizable objects through the often mysterious process material rearticulation, creating both space for serious contemplation and humorous formal puns. They also engage with an art historical ebb and flow of reductionist aesthetics, which in this case aim simultaneously towards a clarity of representation and an openness toward viewer interpretation. While reliant of the legacies of “Specific Objects,” Minimalism, and its antecedents, the artists deploy images and objects for the vary reason of referring to concepts and stories outside of the work itself.

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