Danny Floyd

fine art - creative research

Observation Beyond Possibility 2012

This piece was produced as an edition of 75 artist books, xeroxed with letter pressed covers during a visiting artist residency as AS220 in Providence, RI. An excerpt was published in the 2012 edition Canon, an annual publication of the graduate students of the Visual and Critical Studies Department at SAIC. 


Looking up at space and into the stratosphere to inform our workings here on Earth has traditionally, and ironically, been saved either for spiritual or purely scientific pursuits. But however indebted our research is to those astronomers and astrologers, many others find meaning in the hugeness of the outer working of the universe. The rational or secular layman also has a claim in the curiosity to explore what is not easily observed by the naked eye, especially now as we grow more and more skeptical of the ecological and political viability of our life here on Earth.

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